Application Hosting

Mission critical business applications have a complex set of hardware, software, bandwidth, disk space, back-up and uptime requirements and constraints. System failures and breaches can have far reaching impact throughout your organization and expose you to unnecessary financial and operational risks.

At WebHostie, we understand how challenging it is for businesses to manage, plan and optimize their IT environments for success especially during start-up and stages of high growth. Our efficient hosting solutions provide the worry-free protection you need, allowing you to significantly reduce your capital outlays while you focus your resources on growing your business. Available Applications

Ad Management

There a lots of ways to serve and manage ads on your own website.

Whether you decide to start a new blog, or migrate your existing blog to A Small Orange, we have a boat load of free blog platforms to choose from.

Tons of Calendar applications are just one click away through Softaculous and A Small Orange.
Content Management Systems

Want to update your website's content on your own? Just use one of these popular Content Management Systems (CMS.)
Code Frameworks

Does your custom application require a specific coding framework? Softaculous offeres some of the most popular code frameworks available.
CRMs and ERPs

Whether you need a solid Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) platform or a robust Enterprise Resource Planning application, we've got you covered.
Customer Support

Softaculous offers a bunch of efficient ticket desk applications to help you manage your customer support.
Database Tools

Does your web application require database management software? We've got a wide selection for you to choose from.

Need reliable E-Commerce software to keep your online business running smoothly? Check out all of the different E-Commerce platforms we offer.

If online education is your thing, check out all the education applications you can run through your website.

Need to manage your group emails a bit more efficiently? Try one of these Email Applications
File Management

Look no further for an effective way to manage your files and online applications.

Ready to get started with your own vibrant social community? Have a look at the various different Message Forums that are available.

Interested in hosting online games? We've got lots of applications to choose from.

Searching for a new guestbook to let your visitors show that they've been to your site? Browse these available programs.
Image Galleries

Image Galleries are an excellent way for you to showcase your digital photos online, and we've got a bunch to choose from.

A Small Orange is also an exceptional microblogging host too. Through Softaculous, all of these common mircoblogs can be installed quickly and easily.

We've got several great ways for you to host your music on your website. Just have a look at all the music programs we provide.
Polls and Surveys

A boat load of useful polling and survey applications are available for your website. We've got an extensive list.
Project Management

Hunting for a peice of software to help you organize and manage your various projects? Look no further.
RSS Feed Aggregators

If you need a better web-based RSS Feed Aggregator, look no further. We have a few to select from.
Social Networking

Ever want to run your very own social networking website? Well, we've got lots of powerful applications to help you get started.

If you want to host and play videos from your website, flip through the various video hosting platforms that we have available.

Looking for an easy way to host and manage your wealth of information online? Why not use a wiki?

Browse all other software applications like SEO platforms, Chat servers, Auction applicaions and many more here.