How to create e-mail aliases in Plesk

E-mail aliases can be used as temporary disposable addresses that can be published on the internet. When spam starts coming to an address that was set up as an e-mail alias, you can remove that alias and create another one.

How to create and manage user accounts in Plesk

If you want to allow other users to access the panel to manage websites, installed applications, or to use e-mail services under your domains, then you need to create user accounts for them.

Becoming familiar with the Plesk interface

Welcome to Parallels Plesk Panel 11. This version of Plesk provides you with a streamlined user interface and many powerful new features.

This is the home screen which gives you quick access to all the most important tools in each area of the panel.

How to log in to Plesk

Before you can log in to Plesk, you will need to navigate your browser to the URL that should have been given to you by your hosting provider.